I love bass fishing! If you’ve been fishing then you know how great it feels to catch a fish, and how EXTRA great it is to catch a BIG fish. My blogs are not just about bass fishing in an attempt to brag, I write to help people become better, and to teach them to do exactly what they see me doing in my posts. I give you the baits, the gear, and the waypoints to find the big fish. I do all the research for you, and give you the tools. So by following me, you won’t miss ANY opportunity to hear about a new tactic, or body of water near you. It’s free to follow me, and it’s not like you’ll get tons of junk email from me. An email from Jim Root Fishing is like a treasure chest full of bass fishing goodies.

I also giveaway TONS of great gear.  So subscribe now so you don’t miss out on products from industry leaders like Fishing Planet, 13 Fishing, Trokar, GoPro, The Rod Glove, C to C Baits, Reaction Innovation, STORMR, Humminbird, Yo-zuri, Nuthreadz, and many more!


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