3 Great Rod and Reel Combos for Prespawn Bass!

This is a great time of year for bass fishing in North America.  Many lakes, especially in the Northern area of the United States, are entering the prespawn bass season and it’s one of the most exciting times to be on the water that you’ll have all year.  To that, here are some great combos from 13 Fishing and the applications that you can use them for.

Omen Black OB2C73M paired with Concept A 6.6:1

I’m really dedicated to smallmouth fishing with swimbaits that are 5-7 inches long, and I was very particular about what I wanted after having a lot of success last year with the setup I was using. With that being said, this pairing is incredible. I use a Trokar prototype jighead that I’ve been working on for the past two years and no stinger treble hook on the end of the bait, so the load and backbone of the rod are responsible for the whole process from the long cast, to hookset, to boat. In two months I have caught probably close to 400 smallmouth already in 2016 and the only one I lost broke off at the boat (which was due to chafed line). This is surprising because, well that’s a really high conversion rate, but also I was a little concerned at first because this rod has a fast action, but going into a big trip to Canada in four weeks and Erie and Ontario after that I have full confidence in the ability of this rod to deliver on those giant smallies with those swimbaits. The reel is as smooth as butter, it casts a mile, and the fine adjustment stays true all day. The drag system is bad ass. If it wasn’t I would’ve had a LOT of broken lines. Hooksets overhead or to the side are both solid. No doubt this would also be great for Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, texas rigs, flukes, tubes, and mendota rigs in open water.


Omen Black OB2C79C with Concept A 6.6:1

This is a killer jerkbait/crankbait rod. I know some people don’t want a long rod like this for jerkbaits (7’9″). I’m a tall guy (6’1) and I’ve used this on big lakes and small rivers and I’ve had no issues with the length. It casts a MILE, and it loads up beautifully. I’ve been using the new Flat Crank from Yozuri and the new 3DS (like a bevy shad) and have caught probably 40 smallies over 4 pounds in the last month in rivers and lakes without any issue at all. I like the full cork handle a lot and the hook keepers are perfect! It’s the best design I’ve seen. For the last two years I used only glass cranking rods and they were great in open water, but when I’m cranking deep grass at Cayuga (15-20 feet) they’re too weak to rip it out like you need to in order to trigger strikes. This rod will do it no problem, but I don’t think that it sacrifices any of the load benefit that people tend to think they can only get from glass. It’s lighter than glass as well, which makes for an easier day (or 3). No issues whatsoever on cranks that run 6-12 feet, excited to see how it handles the deep divers but I don’t expect any issue at all. Should also be a great chatterbait rod.


Omen Black OB2C711H with Inception 8.1:1

What a meat stick this thing is. The first time I took it out I caught about 50 largemouth on a 1/2 oz jig. It pitches well, casts a mile, and is a lot more sensitive than I thought it would be for $100 rod. I boat flipped every fish, and 5 of them were 5+, so it’s also incredibly solid. I was really excited about the inception reel and I love the 8 level speed. It’s really fast, the drag is beautiful, I cranked it all the way down and had no issue, I loosened it up to play with the fish a little to test it and it was flawless. I have small hands for a big guy, so I need a combo that isn’t huge in my hand and this fit perfectly. I also really like the exposed reel seat because it gives that added sensitivity in my hand. I think this would also be a great rod for Carolina Rigs as well.



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