Why you should choose 13 Fishing.

You may have heard about 13 Fishing recently, they make some of the best bass fishing rods and reels on the market right now.  The new Inception reels are generating TONS of buzz along with the Omen Black series rods.  I’ve been watching things at 13 for the past 3 years and have used their stuff a bunch and it is not just cool; it’s sensitive, super light, and built with really high quality components.  13 Fishing is a different kind of company, and when you combine the beauty of the Trick Shop it takes these products to a whole new level.  Let me explain.


When you’re bass fishing and you reach for a rod how many times have you accidentally grabbed that burner when you were looking to slow-roll?  When you’ve got matching rods and reels, it can be difficult, especially in low-light situations, to tell what you’re looking at.  Bass fishing is all about opportunities and that time you spend grabbing the wrong rod and putting it back and taking a second guess could literally be the difference between 1st place and last.  So how does this solve the problem?  The Trick Shop allows you to color coordinate your reels.  For instance, on the most basic level you can have every 6:6.1 reel identified by a blue cast control cap, or your high speed reels with a red cap.  Or, you can REALLY geek out, and designate other areas (like the spool) to visually identify which 6:6.1 reel has mono, or 10 lb fluoro, or braid, etc.


As you can see, you can literally customize nearly every piece of that reel.  You can do that for practicality, like I have, or you could do it just to match your jersey and boat colors.  It’s super easy to do, and transforms cool into REALLY cool.

Budget wise, these products are incredibly affordable.  I’ve used a lot of rods, and I never thought I’d find a rod under $200 that I could really depend on.  I just had it in my head that the $200 price point was the next level, and for many companies it is, but that’s just another example of why 13 is different.  The Omen Black series looks and feels like a $200-level rod.  The cork grips are beautiful, and the rods are light and powerful. There will be some great swimbait rods released soon that are sure to blow people away as well.  Look, if you want to spend more they have higher end rods too, and the craftsmanship that is put into their introductory line should be an indication of what you’ll get if you buy an Envy or an Archangel.  And if saltwater is your thing they’ve got you covered there, too!


One more thing you should know about 13 Fishing is that when you buy a rod from them online, it will ship from one of their dealers.  That means they’re continuously supporting the local shops in our towns by driving sales to them.  So while other tackle companies are keeping those profits to themselves, 13 is helping dealers acquire business they wouldn’t have had as a thank you for carrying their products.  Which, if you think about it, is really the right thing to do.  It’s a different kind of rod by a different kind of company, and that’s the 13 difference.  I’ll be talking about these rods and their specific techniques each is designed for a lot this year while bass fishing for those giant smallmouth here in the Northeast.  So stay tuned and check out www.13fishing.com.



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