Meet My Mermaid.

Have you ever looked closely at a stick of dynamite? It’s fairly small, thin, explosive. But if you look even closer, sometimes you’ll see things that make it unique from all the rest. Christine Pulliam is that stick of dynamite.


(JR) You’re shorter in person.

(CP) Laughing Thanks.

(JR) How long have you been hunting and fishing?

(CP) Since I can remember. My Dad raised me to be an outdoor girl and I spent most of my time with him on the water or in a stand. I killed my first deer when I was 9.


(JR) So most babies had rattles, you had poles and shotguns.

(CP) HAHA! I spent so much time outdoors that I literally can’t be in the house now. I’ll get real anxious and freak out. Mermaids can’t be kept captive like that!


(JR) Agreed. Are your siblings as into these kind of things as you are?

(CP) My sister is my best friend, but she’s not into fishing, hunting, and getting dirty. She was a cheerleader, and even though she learned how to do it, it wasn’t her thing, and she didn’t have the same desire to do it that I had.

(JR) You mentioned that she’s more into being a mom right now than you are, but you’re kind of a mom too in your own way, no?

(CP) I am, I LOVE my dog. We are never apart. We get up together, work out together, hunt and fish together, she sleeps right next to me at night and I cuddle her. From the moment I got her we’ve been inseparable. I originally got her just to hunt, but she never leaves my side.


(JR) So you hunt waterfowl then I take it. What else?

(CP) Hogs, deer, turkeys, whatever really. I’m going to be guiding in Texas now.

(JR) Do you still get out with your Dad often?

(CP) Actually, my Dad passed away not too long ago. I haven’t said anything about it. I’m still processing the whole thing. I miss him; it actually makes me want to be on the water that much more because I KNOW he’s there with me.


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(JR) It’s nice to know that you shared that passion and that you can still enjoy it. Some people never get to experience that, or stop doing it all together after losing their mentor.

(CP) I’ll never stop. I’m training right now to go on an Elk hunt this fall. My plan is to stalk an Elk with my bow until I get it. It’s probably going to take me about two weeks total.

(JR) Have you been bow hunting long?


(CP) Not really. But I am completely addicted. I swear it’s the most beautiful sport there is.

(JR) I know exactly what you mean. How’s the training going?

(CP) Great. My girl and I get up early. I work with her for about an hour on retrieving and swimming. We have breakfast. Then we do our Yoga before heading to the gym. After that we run at the beach or head out on the water for some red fish fishing.


(JR) What is your favorite place/species?

(CP) Red Fish. For sure. In Florida I spend most of my time fishing in either Mosquito Lagoon or Cape Canaveral, but I really like fishing the St. John’s River too.

(JR) So what’s your plan for this year? Are you going to be fishing any tournaments or doing any specific hunting?

(CP) I’m actually going to start guiding in Texas at Elite Outdoorsman so when I’m not on the water here in Florida that’s most likely where I’ll be. It’s a huge ranch with incredible people and our rates are really great. If you’re looking to book a hunt you should come down and go with me!



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