2015 Youth Fishing Clinic rains buckets of BIG fish!

Let me start by saying how deeply appreciative I am of the over 200 young girls and women who came out in 40 degrees and rain to fish yesterday at my annual fishing clinic at Amahami with the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways.  Not one of them ever complained, and you could hear their screams of excitement from all around the lake whenever they caught a fish.  I also want to thank the three other anglers who helped me, Dominic Sergi – who helped me at this event last year, Anthony Lorefice – who’s a fellow tournament angler and friend who’s also helped me in the past, and Trenton Lyons – whom I’ve known since he was just a baby and had come to one of my earlier clinics to learn and now came to help teach others.

Did I mention it rained?  It rained cold and steady, heavy at times, for the entire event.  The ground was wet, the wind was blowing, and it was just nasty.  I’m really happy we caught fish, and some people even caught really big fish.  We would split up into groups of 4 and spread out around the lake.  I can’t tell you how it feels to suddenly hear the back corner erupt with cheers when someone would catch a fish.  It reminds me of why I started doing this in the first place.  One of the biggest fish of the day, pictured below, was caught by a young woman who was too shy to pose with the fish.  It was her first fishing trip, first cast, and she reeled it in all by herself while I was helping other girls to get their lines in the water.  I was so happy for her, everyone was.

We caught all our fish with soft plastics.  Some of them were caught wacky rigged, some were caught Texas Rigged, and some were caught on Mendota Rigs.  A huge thanks to Elite Tungsten, Trokar and Slop Frog for the weights, hooks and baits, and to Stormr for hooking me up with the new Limited Edition Strykr jacket – there’s just no way I would’ve been able to stay out in the rain like that all day without it.  I also wanna thank the guys for helping me one more time, for grinding it out with me all day.  And of course a HUGE thank you to NYPENN Pathways for bringing us there to share this incredible sport with some of the best young women I could ever have the pleasure of meeting.  To see the entire album from yesterday’s event visit my Facebook page by clicking here!  There’ll be more pics coming soon!

15 - 4-3




15 - 1-8

15 - 2-2



2 thoughts on “2015 Youth Fishing Clinic rains buckets of BIG fish!

  1. As a grandfather of one of the girls who tookk part in the day at camp Amahami, let me say Thank You for giving the girls this wonderful experience. Olivia came home all excited. You felloews were great..

    Chip Kinne


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