The Best Way To Catch A Giant Musky!


Capt. Bill Lortz of NY Northcountry Bassin guide service was out on Lake Ontario scouting on Labor Day weekend for his upcoming guide trips. While in Chaumont Bay around 930am he hooked up with the fish of a lifetime. Bill knew right away that it was a special fish when it hit his line, turned and made a incredible run in the opposite direction. The fish proceeded to swim around his boat so he quickly stowed the trolling motor to prevent the line from getting tangled in the prop. After making two full circles around hi boat the fish dove deep underneath the bow. “I still had no idea what was hooked on the other end of my line” said Lortz. As he was fighting the fish on the port side, it began to jump out of the water on the starboard side and that’s when he realized what was on the other end. “I said to myself “That’s the fish of a lifetime” and all I could think of was please don’t come off!” said Lortz. The battle continued for about another five minutes before he was finally able to get the fish on the deck of his Triton bass boat. “Luckily I had a tape measure in the boat and a scale that went to 50 pounds. The fish measured 56 inches and weighed 44 1/2 pounds.” After getting some video of his catch the fish was released healthy back into the waters of Lake Ontario to be caught again another day.  Bill caught the giant muskellunge (musky) on a Yellow Hammer Rig, which is an umbrella rig that’s made in America out of materials that are rugged enough to handle a fish of that size.  See the video below!


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