The Elite Weight has finally arrived!

Elite Pro Tungsten weights bust down the door of innovation.

The first time I held an Elite Pro Tungsten (EPT) flipping weight I’ll admit that it looked like any other I’d held. But after having done a little research and put it through some hard core tests, the differences become many and significant.

What most people notice right away is that there’s no insert. I myself prefer my weights to be insert free, so that was an immediate positive. But the kicker to that is the diamond bored hole, the only weight on the market drilled in such a way, eliminating any need for inserts. Anglers can confidently use any size line, whether it be monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braid, without fear of chafing. This level of dependability is crucial to any tournament angler who understands the significance of having the deciding fish on the other end of the line.

The paint is sealed and durable, and won’t disappear when you drag it over rocks and laydowns. I’ve used multiple stops/pegs and they all work well with these weights, with my preference being the PegX stoppers by 6th Sense Lure Company.

EPT also makes my favorite dropshot weight. It’s round, performs solidly, and has the most reliable line attaching system I’ve come across yet. This is extremely important because you don’t want your line to slip through, or to have the system fail and break off completely, rendering the weight useless.

I know there are a lot of tungsten weights out there now. But there’s only one worthy of being called “Elite”.


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