Review: Fusion rain suit by Stormr

New line of raingear reigns supreme!

I just got back from the fishing in the first Bass Pro Shops Northern Open of 2014 at Douglas Lake in Dandridge TN, where I got to see a lot of friends from the Tour and make some new ones too!  While we talked about a lot of different things, the two things that they all asked me about were my personal weather station from Weather Underground and my new Fusion rain suit by Stormr.  Needless to say I was eager to talk about them both.

This was my first opportunity to wear this new suit.  My immediate impression was that it’s lightweight, and very comfortable to wear.  I like the breathable areas that are located on the sides for increased ventilation when it’s not raining, and the overall fit of the jacket and bibs feels like a better design for movement than the competitors.  The cuffs on the end of the sleeves are incredibly soft on your wrists, and don’t leave your arms feeling pinched by the coat.  The hood is easy access and not in your way, and best of all the drawstrings won’t slap you in the face when you’re driving.

When you first look at the bibs you’ll notice right away a great feature in the knee areas in what appears to be almost like an asphalt material.  This prevents your knees from wearing through the material when you’re bending down.  Lightweight like the jacket, and incredibly easy to maneuver in, these bibs also breathe very well and won’t leave you overheating in between bouts of rain.  The pockets are big and easy to access.  And unlike other bibs, the legs don’t ride up high and leave your legs exposed when you sit down in them.

I tried to find something about this suit that I didn’t like and couldn’t.  I asked my friends to do the same and they couldn’t either.  Many of them asked me if I had any extras in their size.  You can see the quality in each stitch.  No corners were cut in this design.  I can honestly say that any time I have ever been in hard rain in the past, my suits always failed me and left me wet.  I wore this suit in rain so hard that several boats took shelter under bridges while waiting for it to pass, and when I took it off I was as dry as I was before I put it on that morning.  Staying dry and comfortable is key to success on the water, and this new suit will deliver both of those things in the highest level possible.


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