Five in the Box: Post-Spawn Bass

I asked my friends from all over North America to tell me their favorite way to target Bass post-spawn. Here they are!

Kate Dattilo, Connecticut 

Once the bass are off beds I’ll concentrate on that area because I know the fish will be nearby. I’ll look for cover. I like swimming a jig near docks or using a plastic Jerkbait. 

Gary Dobyns, California
Yamamoto senko….rigged a few different ways. You can’t go wrong with that bait!

Rhett Woody, Tennessee 

I’m a jig fisherman at heart, and I love to pull out the jig whenever I get the chance. As soon as the bass come off the beds and a lot of the large females are still hanging out under docks, matted grass, bushes, timber, or whatever else is available, I love to get back in there and fish the jig. To me, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a big bass slamming a slow fished plastic.

Zak Elrite, California

The Freedom Tackle Stealth swim jig for lock-jawed post spawners, it has a removable hook system which allows the trailer to move and wave giving it more action while still keeping a subtle, stealthy approach for catching spooky post-spawners.

John McGoey, Ontario, Canada

I throw a Jackal jerkbait on the ledges in 10-15 feet of water where the big females go to recuperate and I work it really slow. 

Shane Lineberger, North Carolina

My favorite technique for post spawn bass is throwing a Brians Bees prop bait around dock floats for bass guarding fry. That bait has awesome action for drawing strikes from big bass.

Tim Hawley, North Carolina
Without a doubt the number one bait I throw to catch numbers is a wacky rigged Senko…but my favorite big bass bait is a top water frog for post spawn giants!


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