The unmistakable advantage of Trokar.

The competition in the world of fishing hooks just took a back seat!

Every angler has a story.  A nightmare.  A memory of that one fish that shook the bait off and got away at the boat.  It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach.  The piece of mind that comes from knowing how unlikely it is to ever have that happen again is something anglers would pay dearly for.

Which is why you are using Trokar hooks, by Eagle Claw.

Unlike any other fishing hook you’ve ever seen, these are undeniably different.  The very appearance is almost scary, it is as if there’s a sinister darkness that surrounds each hook.  I imagine it’s what something of Batman’s would resemble in real life.  Dangerous.  Strong.


It screams out “You’ll do as I say” via a presence that commands obedience by the fish.

People who have used Trokar hooks swear by them.  In particular, the drop shot hook is particularly impressive.  Not only are they made of the strongest, cold-forged, high carbon steel on the market, but the point resembles a broadhead, and will penetrate even the toughest jaw of any smallmouth bass.  With each run, jump, turn, you’ll gain more and more confidence in your ability to keep fish from shaking you off while hearing yourself say “Oh please don’t jump, stay down, stay down” with less frequency.  That kind of trust is priceless.  Each hook is surgically sharpened like no other, and made in The USA.

You will absolutely find Lazer Trokar to have the sharpest, longest lasting point on the market.  So stop losing fish, and start fishing Trokar!

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