Humminbird new leader with Onix System?

Last February at The Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville in Birmingham Alabama I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Humminbird booth and the team there was kind enough to demonstrate some of the features of their new Onix system.  This is an entirely new platform that’s been redesigned and packed with the most amazing features of any graph on the market.  Bar none.  And believe me that I only barely scratched the surface of what this new unit will be able to do.  It’s got all the 360 and side imaging components of the old platform, plus trip log, fuel, internet, tides, and a few others.

To begin with the unit is a touch screen.  But unlike the new models of other manufacturers, the Onix has an optional joystick-type toggle switch that will allow you to navigate the screen easy and efficiently in heavy rain or while wearing gloves.  Anyone who didn’t like having to take their gloves off in the cold to use the touch screen will be delighted with this feature!  The joystick is smooth and very easy to use, but so is the touch screen, so you’re really ok with either that you use. 
What is the most impressive is that when you’re looking at the 2D sonar screen, if you are landing a fish or just not paying attention to the screen and you want to see what you missed you can do that by simply moving your finger on the screen from left to right, and either slide the image backwards (like you’re rewinding the tape), and then forward again if you choose.  If you see a brush pile that you already passed and you think you want to put a way-point on it and fish it you can and then you’ll have it marked.  That feature in and of itself is priceless!

You also aren’t limited to having a small number of preset screens anymore.  With Onix you can have virtually an infinite number of screen combinations preset and stored that you can quickly toggle between within seconds.  This will allow you to have combinations for rivers, lakes, tidal waters, specific depths you’re fishing.  It’s very similar to some of the new smartphone software that people use to combine pictures.  It really is an incredible feature and very simple to use.  Just highlight an area and you’ll be taken to screen to choose what presentation you want:  2D, downscan, sidescan, nav, etc.  After making your selection you’re automatically returned to the previous screen to select another.

Onix also has a pinch and zoom feature that I that will allow you to expand an area on your map that you want to look at more closely.  When you’re done and want to go back you can just place two fingers on the screen and you’ll be taken back to the main screen.  Another great mapping feature is located in the settings.  If you want to highlight a particular range, say 20 feet deep, and set it with a variation of 2 feet; your map will then highlight in the color you choose all the places on that particular body of water that are 18-22 feet deep.  So you can see them right away without having to scour the map.  And if it’s a lake with water levels that rise and fall you can adjust that too, and the map will even show you where the new shoreline is and where the old shoreline would be.

The only things this system can’t do are drive the boat, and catch the fish.  That being said, I don’t know another system that can put you on fish better than this one can. 

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