A special 5 In The Box Halloween edition with the lovely Kate Dattilo.

How long have you been fishing?

I’ve actually been fishing as long as I can remember.  It’s been a part of my life so long I couldn’t tell you the first time I went.

How were you introduced to it?

My Dad has always loved it.  When I was a kid growing up he always had the newest lures and gear, and our basement was like a tackle shop.  If needed anything at all, I could just go downstairs and get it.

Do you have brothers and sisters that share the same love for it that you do?

I have a sister, an older brother who has a daughter, and we all love it.

Why do you love it?  I mean, do you love it?

LOL, YES!  I’m on the water as much as I can be and I still get out with my dad at least once or twice a week.  

Does he still teach you things?

Absolutely.  My Dad fishes very slow, patiently.  He’s not the type of person to run all over the lake hitting as many spots as he can for like 5 minutes before running to the next spot and the next and the next.  He takes his time, finds the fish, finds what they want to eat, and is really great at taking his time through it all.  I love that the most about fishing with him.  

Traditionally, most men would not look at a woman of your beauty and say “yeah, sure she baits her own hook”.  Have you found it to be difficult for you to gain any sort of respect among men and even women for that matter, and if so how do you deal with that?

Yeah I have found it difficult but only with men; not all men, it seems like it’s 50/50.  I feel like men either don’t take me seriously at all, or are like “WOW!  She’s a badass!”.  But the people that I meet and interact with through social media have all been (for the most part) really positive and supportive.  

When guys think of female anglers right now they immediately think of like, Allison Shaw, Trait Crist, Claire Ansley, Stephanie Hemphill, Hillary Hughes, or like a Callie Shumway.  Do you find yourself able to identify with any of them or anyone like them, and do you have anyone like that who is also trying to accomplish the same things you are that you can reach out and talk to?

I don’t talk to any of them, but for sure I think we all can identify with each other even if it’s just because we all love to fish.  

What’s your favorite way to fish?

God, I don’t know.  Whatever they’re eating.  lol.  Seriously though, that’s really hard.  I love flippin a jig.  But I also really like a good topwater bite, or cranking when fish are active.  And who doesn’t like throwin a Sick Stick or any old soft plastic Texas rigged?  

You’re the first female angler to join Power Team Lures.  Congratulations!  How awesome was that?!?

Amazing!  It’s a HUGE honor.  I’m so lucky to be a part of a company that I can honestly say “I was using this stuff before I joined the team” and to trust their baits and believe in them.  And to be the first woman is great, and gives me the opportunity to hopefully pave the way for other women as well.  I don’t use any other soft plastics when I’m fishing.

What’s the biggest bass you’ve ever caught?

You’re lookin at her!

That’s a great fish!

Thanks!  She was 6 lbs.

What’s your favorite lake?

Lake Winnipesaukee.

Wait…Lake What?!!??

LOL…Winnipesaukee.  It’s ok, everybody calls it Winni.

Least favorite?

Don’t have one.

OK…let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

1.  What’s it like on a Sunday at your house when you’re not fishing?

I’m always fishing, but if I’m not I’m probably watching the Packers!


HAHAHA!  Shut up you know you love them!  

2.  Do you have any rituals or superstitions other than kissing every fish?

(Laughing) I organize all my tackle, it has to be all nice and neat.  By the end of the day everything is thrown everywhere.  I also pray to my grampa (he passed away two years ago) that he’ll guide me through the day (and help me catch a toad)!

3.  What was the best day you had this year?

It was in May or early June.  My father and I went out and every fish I caught was like 3 lbs or bigger.  All chunks!  What a blast!

4.  What’s the one place you’re looking forward to fishing in 2014?

Lake Okeechobee.  There are just so many big fish there and I’m DIEING to go after them and try to catch my first 10 plus!

5.  What’s one thing nobody knows about you?

I actually caught my face on fire when I was a little girl.  Thankfully I don’t have any scars!  Other than that, I’m an open book!



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