She just oozes “southern hospitality” with kindness that needs to be felt to believed.  But make no mistake, Claire Ansley is not only (arguably) the hottest female angler on the planet, she just might be one of the best!
Why do you fish?
The same reason I breathe, it feels more natural than sleeping to me. I’ve fished as long as I can remember.
Who taught you?
Never had anybody to, I had seen people on tv do it and I began fishing with a coke can with old fishing line and a rusty hook in a pond near my Mom’s house.
Are you fishing competitively now?
Yes, I fish mainly in buddy tournaments or as co angler.
What trails? BFL? Everstart? Opens?
Anything I or my sponsors allow or can afford, it’s hard being a cop and paying for fishing too!
I was going to ask you what you do as your primary occupation, you’re a police officer?
Yes, I’m a Deputy Sheriff, I answer calls, write tickets, serve warrants….whatever is necessary.
What’s your favorite technique?
Deep diving crank-baits with the Rattle and Roll
Do you think guys underestimate your ability to fish and compete because you’re a woman?
Absolutely, even on my fan page they tell me things on “how” to fish…. From what I’ve seen I should be telling them. I have told so many that I’m a woman—not incapable, so many guys have that “it’s a man’s world” view after all these years.
What’s your favorite lake? And what’s your least favorite?
My favorite would have to be Rodman or Seminole I love the thrill of hunting them. My least favorite would have to be Twin Lakes in Lake Park, GA.
Do you hunt too?
Yes, duck hunting is my favorite. But I’ll tear up hog, deer, or turkey.
Let’s get into the last five!
1. Are you dating anyone currently?
I actually just got dumped, but I would love to have someone to take me fishing. Many guys are intimidated when it comes to fishing with a woman—they don’t like to be defeated.
2. Do you have any pre-tournament rituals or superstitions?
I pray before and thank God I’m allowed to fish because there’s many that aren’t as fortunate as I am. And I load up on sweet tea and chicken and biscuits!
3. Where was your best finish in 2013, and where did you struggle the most?
Lake Seminole, I struggled on Twin Lakes though.
4. What’s the one body of water you would pick to fish in 2013 if you had your choice?
I would be happy fishing anywhere in California catching those 20 lb bass they have out there!
5. What’s one thing nobody knows about you:
I never could afford a boat growing up so when I was about 6/7 years old on the lakes I found one of those big Styrofoam blocks they used to keep under boats and I borrowed the neighbors trolling motor and fixed it to it and fished on it by myself on it for a few years…. Everyone from police to dfacs got called, but to this day it was the best boat I ever had.

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