Evening Sun: Take me fishin preview!

Free fishing seminar for kids this month in Greene

By: Josh Sheldon, Outdoors Columnist

Published: June 13th, 2013

As we age, we tend to forget the awe inspired by experiences we had as kids. Fishing is the type of high intensity sport that upon the first catch hooks most kids for life. Outdoor seminars are becoming the most effective way to get new sportsmen afield, but don’t leave it all up to big programs. Take the time to give whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Fishing can be quite complicated if you don’t have the proper information on how to do so. Most fishermen aren’t too worried how many fish are caught daily, while tournament fishermen are searching for the five biggest fish they can catch. The odds of catching a five-fish limit are greatly decreased by tournament fishermen having to fish unfamiliar waters. Having to figure out where the fish are on the lake or river, coupled with the lack of knowledge on what they are feeding on, will test the skills of the most seasoned angler.

By constantly trying new things, the tournament angler tends to learn quite a few more tricks that will help put fish in the boat. For this reason, what better fishing instructors could be found rather than the pros? The years of compiled fishing knowledge, along with the patience needed to help educate kids, are the tools put to use by the tournament angler. Like any other professional sport, the anglers involved in tournament fishing must dedicate their lives to the sport to be successful.

Jim Root, a professional fisherman heading up youth instructional program, stated the hardest obstacle to overcome was the time spent away from his family. Tournament fishermen must travel all over the country to qualify and compete on the tournament trail, much like other professional sports. Fortunately, Jim has a very supportive wife who is happy to see him pursue his dreams. He made the statement, “Becoming a pro was equally split between hard work and the help offered by others.”

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