5 in the box with Jonathan Carter

Why is it Maine gets no love in the Bass Fishing world?  I spent my summers there as a teenager and some of my fondest childhood bass fishing memories came from that great state!

I have no idea but you’re absolutely right, there is great bass fishing in Maine. 

In your opinion is it harder to compete with anglers who live in the South because they have the benefit of fishing all year in warmer weather?

Yes and no, I’m usually able to find open water in December and then again at the end of March/beginning of April, so I don’t lose as much time as I did a few years ago.  Plus I really felt like living in Maine gave me an advantage at The Classic because I was just used to fishing in weather like that and a lot of other guys weren’t.

Speaking of The Bassmaster Classic, was it at all intimidating for you to be there with guys like KVD and Ike?

I thought it was going to be, but as soon as I got there Skeet Reese and Brandon Palaniuk came up (to me) and welcomed me which was really great and after that I wasn’t nervous at all.

How did you manage to get into fishing?  Was it something you did as a child with a family member or did you find it later via some other avenue?

Yeah I’ve always been into fishing.  We had a camp up north and I would go out and fish in a canoe with my mom.  I’d fish and she’d paddle.

Is it still relaxing if you’re tournament fishing?
I love fishing, but I’m very competitive, so it’s most relaxing when I’m catching good fish.  I’m the type of guy who, and this actually happened, I’ll win a tournament but be disappointed because I lost a fish that I know would’ve increased my weight like two more pounds.

Is there anyone that you look to as a teacher or that you can turn to for advice, tips, help with new lakes?
I’m mostly self-taught.  I joined a club when I first started and there were two guys, Mark–who’s actually a sponsor of mine now, and Dan who taught me some things and my current fishing partner Joe Holland is a big help.  We push each other and encourage each other to learn new techniques or styles.

What’s your favorite technique?
Without a doubt, runnin a jig over deep structure.
What’s your lease favorite?

Believe it or not finesse fishing, which is odd because that’s how I fished all the time when I first started.

What’s your favorite lake?

China Lake.
Least favorite?
Mystic and Charles Rivers(laughing).
(I’m laughing too) Why is that?  Did you do poorly there?

No not at all, in fact I’ve won there, there’s just very few fish.  Or at least it seemed like there were very few fish.

Other than life as a Professional Angler, what is your “dream job”?

You mean other than fishing lol?

Yes, that’s everyone’s response, lol.

I guess maybe a writer for an outdoor magazine.

Ok Jonathon, time for five in the box!
 1.  What’s it like on Sunday morning when you’re not fishing?

I’m always fishing.  If I’m not it’s very rare, and I’ll be at church, but I’m always fishing.

2.  Do you have any pretournament rituals or superstitions?

No.  None at all.

3.  Where do you think your best finish will be in 2013, and where do you think you’ll struggle the most?

I would have to say that my best would be either Oneida or Erie because I’m most familiar with them and I’m really looking forward to them both.  I think I’ll struggle the most at the James River just because I don’t know as much about it yet.

4.  What’s the one body of water you would fish in 2013 if you had your choice?

Right now it would be Lake Chickamauga.  They’re catching like 30lb bags right now, it’s unbelievable!

5.  What’s one thing that nobody knows about you?

There’s really nothing.  I’m a teacher who’s been very fortunate to have been given the opportunities that I have.

Thanks for your time and good luck out there!


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