Shallow-water crankin for prespawning bass

How many days of fishing can you recall in entirety.  I mean:  date, time, weather conditions, bait, what you caught, what you wore.  I have one:  April 18th, 2010.
My buddy Danny and I had started out the day Trout Fishing on Cayuga Lake.  It was bitter cold, windy, snowing.  Not the kind of day that you want to be handling fish in lake water with bare hands.  We were grossly unsuccessful and left Cayuga and headed home.  On our way we had a tire go flat on our trailer.  After nearly 2 hours to change it and almost a full day in sub-freezing temperatures you’d think we’d be ready for a hot cup of coffee and a shower.
“You wanna hit Long Pond on the way home?” I said to Danny.
“Hell yeah I do that’s a great idea, buddy!”
That’s when I learned that bass were a lot more active in weather that brutally cold than I ever would’ve thought they were.
We began heading down the North shore of the lake.  The wind was coming out of the west and it pushed us (and the snow flakes) perfectly along the shore line.  We were in (roughly) 7-10 feet of water.  I was throwing a wake bait that was painted like a Texas Craw (red and black).
The fish were all over it.
I’ve never had bass attack a lure like that.  Especially not in the cold.  All together I bet you we caught close to 35 bass that day in just under 2 hours, on a lake that’s probably only a few hundred acres but gets fished hard all year.  The kicker is pictured below, and came in just under 7 pounds!

I learned that day that largemouth bass will hit fast moving lures in really cold water.  You’re not forced to fish slow because the water temperature is hovering around 40 degrees and it’s snowing.  April 18th is the one day of the year that I’ll always fish.


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